SBDC 2008 - Madoc Performance Arts Centre

So this time, I'm on the other side of the fence! I'm management now! We got a new batch of eager beavers just waiting for the ground to break! I was hired back in January and have been anxiously waiting for this project to start. Chris Magwood is at the healm once again with yours truly as second-in-command. My role as Project Coordinator is to make sure the building gets completed. I am in charge of making sure suppliers and contractors do what is asked of them and to organize and coordinate the site. Secondly, my job is to support the students - help them out, teach them my bad habits, be a good ear or a shoulder to lean on. This is a very exciting project and I feel very privileged to be involved!

Situated in the idyllic town of Madoc, Ontario, this building will be the cornerstone in the redevelopment of the town's commons. Located beside the critically acclaimed Skatepark, this building is meant to be a medium size venue for performances and town gatherings - from coffee house nights to high school theatre productions. The building also features a canteen which will be rented out to a local coffee merchant. A movable AV-system allows performances to be held indoors or out!

The 25 students (of varying age and background) completed this truly unique building in 18 weeks. To me, this is always an incredible feat. Although this is standard practice/timeline for home construction, these are relatively inexperienced students who not only have to build a structure with 'unconventional' materials and systems, but also have to complete a design assignment (with interviews with clients, proposals, sketches, working drafts, and a model). It is a very intensive course, not for the lazy or faint of heart. This vibrant group of individuals formed a cohesive family that got the job done (and then some!). I am a very proud mom!

* Fully accessible, single story, 1,800 square feet
* Octagonal shape building designed for multi-use
* Round bales stacked into 12' columns
* Straw bale wall insulation
* Three exterior 'wings' optimally framed at 24" centres and infilled with recycled cotton batt insulation, hempcrete and straw/clay
* Timber framed front porch/performance stage
* Earthen plaster finish with natural paints and stains

* Rubble trench foundation with earthbag and hempcrete grade beams
* Engineered FSC certified roof trusses
* Rammed earth block wainscotting and floors
* Radiant floor system beneath FSC certified maple hardwood floor
* Geothermal horizontal heat-exchange system
* Rainwater collection off the steel roofs to flush low-flow toilets
* Grid-tied 2.2 kWh solar photovoltaic system
* Solar hot water system retrofit on adjacent building

* Very low embodied energy
* Extensive use of recycled, re-used, and locally available material

For more information about the course and a full picture gallery, please visit:
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Artist rendition of Arts Centre.

Plan View.

Round bale columns ontop of earthbag foundation; boxbeam ontop of round bales. Side-wing frame going up ontop of hempcrete grade beam.
Round bales again with FSC truss roof in the background.

Roof lifted via crane.

Inside building with first layer of earthern plaster over strawbales. Hempcrete subfloor being poured.
Timber frame front entrance.

Round posts going up for front stage area.

Front stage timber frame with locally harvested cherry, ironwood and maple posts.
Detail of scarf joint.

Dry laying of local limestone for stage.

Final colours and details. Earthern plasters coloured with silicate paints, live-edge board and batten treated with "ironwood" natural wood preservative. Bamboo soffit.
Green roof planted with indigenous plants. Black plate is a solar vent that heats in-coming air. Gable end finished with cedar treated with milk paints and ironwood.

Inside mainroom featuring earthblock wainscotting along wall, red oak window sills and ledges, earthen plasters finished with raw linseed oil, board and batten arches, FSC pre-finished maple flooring and LED light fixtures. Green room on the left for performers to relax and change in (also houses electrical system for entire park) featuring lime plastered walls, cob wall and earthern floor. Room on right is the storage room, geothermal and raidiant floor system and AV system control centre.

 Dutch door on left is entrance to canteen which has been rented out to a local coffee merchant. Upper portion of door is made of cedar "wattles". Hallway on right leads to three washrooms featuring ultra-low flush toilets fed by a rainwater cistern.

The ceiling of organic hemp canvas with solar tubes and stage lighting.

The front door (made by students).

The front porch/stage made with 100% recycled plastic lumber.
Front of building with vine relief and hand prints by local children.

The finished building.

The crew of SBDC08:
[back to front row] christopher, willis, p.low, irwin, mark
jorma, chester, tyler, beal, leslie, r2, ian, steve, trevor
kat, ryan, christine, jackson
bob, kayla, jo, chris magwood, annie, nick, annabelle, phil
and yours truly... blue hawk and all...