SBDC 2012

This is my third time around with Fleming College and its different every time... though what doesn't change is the hard work and good times had by all. This year, the College partnered with Abbey Gardens, a local non-profit whose mission is to provide and support local food production and self-reliance (in Haliburton). With this in mind, we built a “Creative Exchange Mart” – a 2200 sqft. retail store which will sell locally grown produce, artisinal goods and crafts. In addition to the retail portion, there will also be a certified commercial kitchen for the community to use and an additional 700 sqft. office-loft.

Pat Marcotte of HavenCraft designed the building and co-taught with me. Chris Lalonde of Bobcaygeon, an exceptional General Contractor and General Nice Guy was our Project Manager. We had 17 enthusiastic students from all over Canada and I hope they are proud of their achievement.

* Fully accessible, single story retail space w/commercial kitchen, an additional 700 sqft. loft space, and a 900 sqft. greenroof porch
* Slab on grade foundation using recycled steel-foam panels
* Timber frame vestibule w/wattle & daub infill and lime plaster finish
* 900 sqft. porch-greenroof deck built from locally harvested hemlock
* Straw bale wall insulation
* Prefab straw bale wall sections

* Straw-clay wall sections and woodchip-clay wall sections (my new favourite)
* Earthen plaster finish on interior
* Lime plaster finish on exterior

* Passive-solar heating and shading design
* Geothermal system and radiant floor system
* Rainwater collection for flushing toilets and watering immediate gardens
* Solar light tubes for interior daylighting

For more information about Fleming College's Sustainable Building Design & Construction course:>>

For more information about Abbey Gardens:>>

Pat Marcotte - Designer, General Contractor ~ HavenCraft Homes, Bancroft:

Bales going in.

Prefabricated bale walls.

The view from the office loft. The roof in the back left is craned into place.

Woodchip-clay wall at the gable end of the roof. This is something new to me and I look forward to experimenting with it somemore. Up where I live (Kawartha Lakes-Haliburton), we don't grow straw... but we sure have alot of trees.

The north side of the building with the hemlock porch and green roof on top. Green roof design and installation by Restoration Gardens.

The south side of the building with lots of glazing. Lime plaster ontop of a lime-clay push coat.
The east side of the building using locally milled white pine as siding and trim.

The west side of the building featuring the timber frame vestibule.

Wattle infill of vestibule. Harvested from saplings of Maple, Popular, Elm, Birch and Black Cherry.

Interior view with finished lime plaster.

Interior looking southwest.

Interior looking east. Commercial kitchen space to the right; stairs leading to office-loft to the left.